Autumn is here…winter will not be far behind

The last few weeks have seen us moving around through various patrs of southern England. As the time has passed so has the seasons and the weather that comes with them.

Lasts years summer was later than this years….if it happened at all. That said our autumn has been a classic so far…the colours, the temperatures…are all amazing
All the usual bounty is there – the nuts, the incredible fungi and the colours of the season. The nights are getting longer too and its a time to look for new campfire projects.
In the last few years my evenings around the fire have been spent carving my little “wood spirits”. They are lots of fun and make nice gifts for some of the really cool people I meet. I have also spent evenings sat around the fire showing friends how to carve them up.

Last week I was in the Cotswolds with Leon and some clients. In the evenings they would retire to their bell tents, sitting around their wood-burners, playing guitars, talking and eating in the warmth & light.
I prefer to sit outside (under the parachute) using the warmth & light of the campfire, but still being part of what I enjoy – the outdoors.
It was while sitting around the fire one evening I came up a couple of other campfire projects, something new & different. I’m really excited by these and have already started “tinkering & tweeking” with the basic idea.
This weekend I’m spending with someone special and we hope to get some time in the woods. I’m also hoping to get a chance to carve up my two new projects…….so watch this space

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