A lot has been Happening!!!

Well things have been rushing along at a rate of knots here. Neil is still running around arranging the coming years activities (A big thanks goes out to John at Forgewood), Neil’s been speaking with Luke and I about the subjects to be covered on our activities.
Luke has been working on packages to do with tracking and sign.
I have been off with Footsteps of Discovery to train the military, since then I’ve also had three visits to the dentist (having root canal treatment and a crown fitted). Thanks to Pavlin and Roxy (my Dentist and the Dental Assisstant) for a nice, relatively painless course of treatment. The date for the operation on the right knee came through and I’ve actually had the operation already, it happened on the tenth of February. Miraculously I was up and about without crutches within 48 hours (the last knee op that I had I was on crutches for six weeks, I had been dreading this one), I would like to make an open statement of thanks to all those that worked on my case at the Mount Stuart Hospital and the DARTS team.
I have also moved my telephone and TV provider from Sky to Virgin Media.
I have three reasons for doing this, firstly was cost. With Sky a lot of extras seemed to kick in after a while and some of these were ridiculous.
Secondly was broadband, in my area the BT telephone lines that Sky work on are deplorable and my internet connection was pants (which is big thing when I am working on websites).
Thirdly (last but not least), MURDOCH. I am afraid that Rupert Murdoch has an insidious hand along with his Newscorp International in Sky. If there was no other reason for moving that one alone justifies moving.
I heard that He is going to bring out the Sun on Sunday, well if someone offered it to me an I was desperate I would take it, everyone needs something to wipe their behind on.

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