Galleries and music nightmares

Well as you may have seen the Gallery now has music courtesy of Al Marconi and many hours of me playing silly buggers with the code.

The gallery is html based so it’s been fun trying to figure out how to embed a music player in a page. The problem being that the gallery is actually about 130 pages. In effect this means that every time a picture changes a new page loads, this would have meant embedding a music player into each page and that in turn would mean that every time a page loaded the music would restart.

The solution actually is / was quite straight forward when you know how, unfortunately I didn’t know how as I am totally self taught so I ended up digging around to find a viable solution to the problem.

I must have mulled it over in my mind for quite a while and the answer escaped my lips on many an occassion, it has something to do with frames. In the end I found a music player that worked with the gallery so I installed it placing the gallery in the top frame and the music player in the bottom. It works, but I would like to have a better music player placed there (something that scrolls the name of the artist and the name of the track would be nice), I’ll get to that at some stage.

I have recently found that the gallery links on the main site were pointed to the old gallery page that has since been deleted so from today is pretty much the first day that anyone other than someone that has been sent a direct link will actually find the gallery from the main site.

Once again many thanks to Al for allowing me to use some of his music and I am now going to get on with leatherwork again (now that things have dried fully) probably whilst listening to Muse (I appear to be addicted to the last three tracks of The Resistance) or Al Marconi’s album Terra Nova.

Toodle Pip!

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