I spoke with Al today

Well about the highlight of my day was an e-mail that Al Marconi sent me, he suggested another piece of music for the gallery, a piece called Nomad, so I have swapped out vertigo with Nomad to see what people think.

Beyond that today has been spent looking into if there is anyway of integrating an already existing installation of a web shop using Actinic or not. There is actually looking like two possible avenues to pursue. One involves rebuilding a website and integrating a totally custom built front end into the code produced by actinic and allowing Actinic to publish it to the web claiming that all the hard work is it’s own.

The other is to place Actinic in a sub-directory of the website root and repoint all of Actinics links to a higher directory and replace the index page and publish all of the custom build to the higher directory.

Although the top one sounds more work it is without too much of a doubt more likely to succeed and would probably be quicker to do in the long run. It also ultimately would give the ease of use of actinic to manage the shop / actalog and at the same time gives a nicer front end that ultimately would be pretty easy to customise.

Beyond that today we had a new Lidl’s open in the Newton Abbot area (at last). I broke the golden rule and went in on the very first day it was open, the place was stuffed with people trying to get bargains, who just couldn’t give a stuff about the rest of humanity. In their hustle and bustle they reminded me of stampeding wildebeest fighting and barging one another to ford their way across a river.

It also made a very relevant point, they always say that the youth of today have no manners, well most of the people that were in there today were senior citizens. As they continuosly rammed others with trolleys rather than asking politely “Could I get through please?”, they should look in the mirror and think again before levelling that accusing finger at the “Youth of today”.

Age does not give people the priveledge to be damned right rude.

Just after fighting my way out of Lidl’s I arrived home to get on with work and the phone rang, I answered and eventually the auto dialling system passed me onto the call center and I got someone on the other end asking for someone else that wasn’t here. They were told that and then they decided that they would try and sell me insurance instead, they were asked if they spoke English and when they replied “YES”, They were curtly told that I wasn’t interested and when they persisted I hung up on them.

Yes that was possibly rude of me, but how much do I need to say and do to make them take a hint, “I am trying to work FUCK OFF” would possibly of been the only other option.

I am still waiting for the leatherwork to dry so I can get on with customising the bag that Piers sent me and tomorrow I will be in Teignmouth helping shift kit from one place to the next and fixing a computer Keyboard for my mum.

Well that’s about it without me going into a full blown rant about call centres based abroad that bug the hell out of me, or the severe lack of manners exhibited by those who demand it from everyone else and you would expext to be setting an example.

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